Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Season 8


Space Ghost in his 40s is no longer a superhero, and now he even goes by his real name Tad Ghostal. However, to remain in the spot-light he has started his own late-night talk show filmed ...
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S8E8 - Space Ghost in Per..

In this episode, which is almost a stand alone show as Space Ghost a..

S8E7 - Live at the Fillmore

When Space Ghost spends the show budget to get himself out of jail, ..

S8E6 - Dreams

Space Ghost gets Lassie to raise money for ""retardos"" as he puts i..

S8E5 - Idlewild South

Zorak and Moltar are doing drugs and drinking booze when the show st..

S8E4 - In Memory of Eliza..

Probably the most random episode ever, there is really no clear syno..

S8E3 - Eat a Peach

Space Ghost Explains The Birds And Bees To Zorak And Moltar. As in B..

S8E2 - Whipping Post

Space Ghost is angry about a variety of topics, and rants mightly to..

S8E1 - Baffler Meal

Space Ghost is forced into a raw deal with the deadly Colonial Man, ..