Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Season 4


Space Ghost in his 40s is no longer a superhero, and now he even goes by his real name Tad Ghostal. However, to remain in the spot-light he has started his own late-night talk show filmed ...
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S4E25 - Joshua

There is talk of ""SG 2000"". Next there is some behind the scenes f..

S4E24 - Dimethylpyrimidin..

Space Ghost recalls his days doing ads in the 50's for Sugarman's po..

S4E23 - Telethon

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is broke and they need your help.

S4E22 - Brilliant Number ..

Space Ghost finds himself living in a repeat, when someone messes up..

S4E21 - Boatshow

Steve Allen and Andy Dick guest-star in this musical extravaganza! B..

S4E20 - Dam

Space Ghost's ship runs out of gas, and Moltar and Zorak have some m..

S4E19 - Suckup

Space Ghost is on a firing rampage. There is talk of a moat and a Zo..

S4E18 - Piledriver

Space Ghost's grandfather, former professional wrestler Leonard Ghos..

S4E17 - Hipster

Space Ghost's hip brother Chad takes over the show and makes fun of ..

S4E16 - Untitled

Space Ghost and Moltar start out fighting over guests. Zorak has som..

S4E15 - Pavement

Space Ghost writes his own episode. Space Ghost plays a superhero ta..

S4E14 - Sphinx

Space Ghost interveiws Harland Williams, and Mike Judge, while Molta..

S4E13 - Needledrop

This episode probably has the best music out of the whole series. Sp..

S4E12 - BooBooKitty

Zorak has a butt stench, and he tells Space Ghost to get used to it...

S4E11 - Brilliant Number ..

Space Ghost starts making up villains (such as The Polisher) to blam..

S4E10 - Mayonnaise

We can hear Tanzut getting beat by Zorak. Space Ghosts speaks of fir..

S4E9 - Switcheroo II

When two of the guests are ""detained"", Moltar brings two new guest..

S4E8 - Zorak

This episode starts out with talk of the Taco King, Zorak's cellmate..

S4E7 - Speck

Space Ghost and Zorak are riding in the Phantom Cruiser. Space Ghost..

S4E6 - Pilot

Birdman can't be the host for Coast to Coast because of a lack of su..

S4E5 - Zoltran

We find out Zoltran is Moltar's step brother, and that Space Ghost i..

S4E4 - Anniversary

In The introduction, there is an audience of Zoraks. Tansut and Chad..

S4E3 - Edelweiss

Space Ghost blasts Zorak for breaking his stuff. Later, Moltar beams..

S4E2 - Gallagher

Bees are stinging Moltar's insides. Space Ghost falls down for fun, ..

S4E1 - Rehearsal

A behind the scenes episode. The only thing good about this episode ..