Space Ghost Coast to Coast


Space Ghost in his 40s is no longer a superhero, and now he even goes by his real name Tad Ghostal. However, to remain in the spot-light he has started his own late-night talk show filmed ...
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S8E8 - Space Ghost in Per..

In this episode, which is almost a stand alone show as Space Ghost a..

S8E7 - Live at the Fillmore

When Space Ghost spends the show budget to get himself out of jail, ..

S8E6 - Dreams

Space Ghost gets Lassie to raise money for ""retardos"" as he puts i..

S8E5 - Idlewild South

Zorak and Moltar are doing drugs and drinking booze when the show st..

S8E4 - In Memory of Eliza..

Probably the most random episode ever, there is really no clear syno..

S8E3 - Eat a Peach

Space Ghost Explains The Birds And Bees To Zorak And Moltar. As in B..

S8E2 - Whipping Post

Space Ghost is angry about a variety of topics, and rants mightly to..

S8E1 - Baffler Meal

Space Ghost is forced into a raw deal with the deadly Colonial Man, ..

S7E7 - Mommentary (2): Cr..

The S.G writers commentate on thier mothers' commentary

S7E6 - Mommentary

The writers of Space Ghost: Coast 2 Coast assemble thier mothers tog..

S7E5 - Sweet For Brak

This episode starts out with Zorak as a rock star, burning a giant l..

S7E4 - Flipmode

Zorak gets beat down with a pipe wrench, and Space Ghost and Moltar ..

S7E3 - Knifin' Around

Space Ghost wants to burn 100 Radiohead cd's with some kind of laser..

S7E2 - The Justice Hole

Space Ghost quits, and Dave Thomas takes over the show. It's not the..

S7E1 - Kentucky Nightmare

Space Ghost now promting a liquor company. With the company mascot, ..

S6E10 - Snatch (Alternate..

Ghost Planet Industries is attacked by replicating pods. The kind th..

S6E9 - Fire Ant (Short Ve..

A much shorter version of Space Ghost's ""interview"" with Conan O'B..

S6E8 - King Dead

Moltar and Zorak refuse to allow Space Ghost into Ghost Planet, afte..

S6E7 - Fire Ant

Space Ghost interviews Conan O'Brian, but Conan is'nt thrilled with ..

S6E5 - Curling Flower Space

After abruptly finishing an interview with Jerry Springer, Space Gho..

S6E4 - Sequel

Picking up where ""Lawsuit"" left off, Space Ghost is sent to jail f..

S6E3 - Girl Hair

Space Ghost takes Hanson on a quest through space in search for a co..

S6E2 - Snatch

Replicating Pods invade the Ghost Planet as The Blob blocks off all ..

S6E1 - Chambraigne

Space Ghost angers the creators of an intellegence enhancement drug ..

S5E12 - Intense Patriotism

Space Ghost, Zorak, and Moltar are moving to america. SG invites jef..

S5E11 - Curses

There is a showing of part of an old Space Ghost show. Space Ghost e..

S5E10 - Pal Joey

Annoying intern Joey wreaks havok on the set while trying to get a j..

S5E9 - Rio Ghosto

Space Ghost finishes writing his screenplay and attempts to select a..

S5E8 - Chinatown

This one starts out with the credits running early. There is a dog f..

S5E7 - Warren (3)

This one starts out with the credits running early. There is a dog f..

S5E6 - Warren (2)

Space Ghost grows angry upon learning that he has been 'imposternate..

S5E5 - Warren (1)

when space ghost is imitated on warren's talk show, he, moltar and z..

S5E3 - Lawsuit

Jace, Jan, and Blip from the original Space Ghost try to sue Space G..

S5E2 - Toast

Space Ghost wants to impress the love of his life (Merrill Markoe) b..

S5E1 - Terminal

space ghost is termially ill and will die when the show ends, but no..

S4E25 - Joshua

There is talk of ""SG 2000"". Next there is some behind the scenes f..

S4E24 - Dimethylpyrimidin..

Space Ghost recalls his days doing ads in the 50's for Sugarman's po..

S4E23 - Telethon

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is broke and they need your help.

S4E22 - Brilliant Number ..

Space Ghost finds himself living in a repeat, when someone messes up..

S4E21 - Boatshow

Steve Allen and Andy Dick guest-star in this musical extravaganza! B..

S4E20 - Dam

Space Ghost's ship runs out of gas, and Moltar and Zorak have some m..

S4E19 - Suckup

Space Ghost is on a firing rampage. There is talk of a moat and a Zo..

S4E18 - Piledriver

Space Ghost's grandfather, former professional wrestler Leonard Ghos..

S4E17 - Hipster

Space Ghost's hip brother Chad takes over the show and makes fun of ..

S4E16 - Untitled

Space Ghost and Moltar start out fighting over guests. Zorak has som..

S4E15 - Pavement

Space Ghost writes his own episode. Space Ghost plays a superhero ta..

S4E14 - Sphinx

Space Ghost interveiws Harland Williams, and Mike Judge, while Molta..

S4E13 - Needledrop

This episode probably has the best music out of the whole series. Sp..

S4E12 - BooBooKitty

Zorak has a butt stench, and he tells Space Ghost to get used to it...

S4E11 - Brilliant Number ..

Space Ghost starts making up villains (such as The Polisher) to blam..

S4E10 - Mayonnaise

We can hear Tanzut getting beat by Zorak. Space Ghosts speaks of fir..

S4E9 - Switcheroo II

When two of the guests are ""detained"", Moltar brings two new guest..

S4E8 - Zorak

This episode starts out with talk of the Taco King, Zorak's cellmate..

S4E7 - Speck

Space Ghost and Zorak are riding in the Phantom Cruiser. Space Ghost..

S4E6 - Pilot

Birdman can't be the host for Coast to Coast because of a lack of su..

S4E5 - Zoltran

We find out Zoltran is Moltar's step brother, and that Space Ghost i..

S4E4 - Anniversary

In The introduction, there is an audience of Zoraks. Tansut and Chad..

S4E3 - Edelweiss

Space Ghost blasts Zorak for breaking his stuff. Later, Moltar beams..

S4E2 - Gallagher

Bees are stinging Moltar's insides. Space Ghost falls down for fun, ..

S4E1 - Rehearsal

A behind the scenes episode. The only thing good about this episode ..

S3E15 - Woody Allen's Fal..

re-enactments of classic moments from the last few series played by ..

S3E14 - Art Show

Space Ghost assembles artists for a special on the power of portraits.

S3E13 - Cookout

This one starts out with arguments about Beefaroni, and Space Ghost ..

S3E12 - Late Show

Former Late Show with David Letterman writers scripted this unabashe..

S3E11 - Jacksonville

Space Ghost is forced to deal with the annoying and easily frightene..

S3E10 - Glen Campbell

Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons, finally comes face to face w..

S3E9 - Surprise

While Space Ghost is out, Zorak and Moltar recruit the Council of Do..

S3E8 - Switcheroo

While Space Ghost is called away on various pretenses, his evil twin..

S3E7 - Freak Show

Space Ghost's interview is interupted by a pirate channel created by..

S3E6 - Boo!

Michael Norman isn't afraid of Space Ghost, and Bill Nye is afraid t..

S3E5 - Sharrock

The show takes a while to start, with the title music heavily extend..

S3E4 - Transcript

Space Ghost interviews Jonathan Richman. That's it.

S3E3 - Lovesick

Space Ghost and his girlfriend break up. Space Ghost blasts Moltar. ..

S3E2 - $20.01

Zorak copies Space Ghost, and he fires Moltar and Zorak. Space Ghost..

S3E1 - Explode

While Space Ghost trades witty repartee (read: the usual insipid sil..

S2E9 - Urges

Zorack feels the urge to return to his home planet for ""Mantis Mati..

S2E8 - Jerk

This episode starts with Brak yelling. There is a whole Zorak audien..

S2E7 - Sleeper

Hulk Hogan asks Space Ghost who is the most powerful being in the Tu..

S2E6 - Le Livre D'Histoire

Lokar reluctantly presents two clips from the Space Ghoast archives ..

S2E5 - Fire Drill

Donny Osmond comes prepared for Space does a wooly Panda...

S2E4 - Hungry

The Ghost Planet gang are hungry. They order a pizza but it gets del..

S2E3 - Girlie Show

As Space Ghost swoons over the thought of meeting Fran Drescher, who..

S2E2 - Story Book

Kirk the Storyteller and Carl the Cartoonist offer Space Ghost viewe..

S2E1 - President's Day Ni..

The fate of one animation creator hangs in the balance as Space Ghos..

S1E12 - A Space Ghost Chr..

Space Ghost, Zorak, Moltar, and the Council of Doom unite for the fe..

S1E11 - GumDisease

Moltar is feeling sick, and his constant sneezing and throwing up do..

S1E10 - The Mask

Space Ghost defends the honour of Lassie against the director of , w..

S1E9 - Self Help

Dr. Joyce Brothers gives Space Ghost advice on how to improve himsel..

S1E8 - Batmantis

When Moltar is kidnapped by the mysterious Your Mother, Space Ghost ..

S1E7 - Punch

Tad finds himself making his interview with The Jerky Boys extremly ..

S1E6 - Banjo

Space Ghost gives one of his pet sea monkeys, , some of his special ..

S1E5 - Bobcat

When he later interviews the Ramones, Zorak and Moltar are starstruck: ""I'm Zorak Ramone."" The Ramones harass... MoreAfter 's interview, he and Space Ghost make plans to party ""with a party cake and lemonade and paper hats.""
When he later interviews the Ramones, Zorak and Moltar are starstruck: ""I'm Zorak Ramone."" The Ramones harass Space Ghost, who dismisses">After 's interview, he and Space Ghost make plans to party ""with a ..

S1E4 - CHiPs

Space Ghost interviews Bill Carter about talk show hosts, and Joe Fr..

S1E3 - Elevator

Self-proclaimed goddess of the galaxy, comedienne Judy Tenuta, and S..

S1E2 - Gilligan

...with , the Space Ghost, too... the locust fiend and his band... t..

S1E1 - Spanish Translation

In this series premiere, Space Ghost declares his fondness for Mexic..