Skylanders Academy


"Skylanders Academy" follows the heroic adventures of Spyro, Eruptor, Stealth Elf, Jet-Vac and Pop Fizz as they travel the vast Skylands universe, protecting it from evil-doers.
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S3E12 -Raiders of the Los..

The Skylanders need to get to Arkus before Strykore and his minions,..

S3E6 -Weekend at Eon's

When Eon is knocked out by Food Fight, Jet-Vac and Spyro have to tak..

S3E1 -Skylanders Unite!

The cadets come together for graduation day, but Spyro will need to ..

S2E13 - Touch of Evil

As he tries to learn more about his ancestors, Spyro searches for a ..

S2E12 - It Techs Two

Jet-Vac feels insecure about his role with the Skylanders when Sproc..

S2E11 - Sheep(ball) Dreams

Dreamcatcher gets amnesia, giving the Skylanders a chance to bring h..

S2E10 - Who's Your Daddy?

When one of Jet-Vac's eggs hatches, he must try to be a good father ..

S2E9 - Belly of the Beast

While fighting the evil Fire Viper, the gang ends up inside its bell..

S2E8 - One Flu Over the S..

Eon comes to the team house to lead training, but the house is quara..

S2E7 - The People vs. Pop..

Pop Fizz is arrested and put on trial for committing robberies all o..

S2E6 - Split Decision

When Skull decides to break away from Hex, Hex turns evil and tries ..

S2E5 - Elementary

Eruptor discovers he has the Sherlock Holmes-like ability to figure ..

S2E4 - Thankstaking for t..

Spyro and Stealth Elf get locked in the Grand Library while everyone..

S2E3 - Return to Cynder

A new cadet named Cynder becomes fast friends with Spyro at the Acad..

S2E2 - I Dream of Ninjini

Master Eon tells Stealth Elf to seek training from an elusive ninja ..

S2E1 - Spyromania

Spyro wants to prove that he has his own superpower like the other S..


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