Murphy Brown


The misadventures of a tough female television journalist and her friends.
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S11E8 - The Coma and the ..

The 'Murphy in the Morning' team strives to land a revealing first i..

S11E7 - A Lifetime of Ach..

The “Murphy in the Morning” team, Avery and Phyllis join Jim Dia..

S11E6 - Results May Vary

The team gears up for its live all-day coverage of the midterm elect..

S11E5 - The Girl Who Crie..

Fearful of being scooped while legal vets her weighty investigative ..

S11E4 - Three Shirts to t..

Murphy and the team weigh the pros and cons of accepting the offer t..

S11E3 - #MurphyToo

After Murphy attends a sexual harassment seminar for the Murphy in t..

S11E2 - I (Don't) Heart H..

After decades of being banned, the team devises an elaborate ruse to..

S11E1 -Fake News

Amid a divided nation, chaotic national discourse and rampant attack..

S4E26 - Birth 101

While doing the last show of the season, Murphy starts going into la..

S4E25 - A Chance of Showers

Murphy relents when Corky wants to throw her a baby shower and the g..

S4E24 - On the Rocks

The network tries a temporary replacement for Murphy; however, Murph..

S4E23 - He-HoHe-HoIt's Of..

Murphy's doctor advises her to take Lamaze classes, and even though ..

S4E22 - Phil's Not So Sil..

Murphy loans Phil some money to keep his place from going under; how..

S4E21 - Rage Before Beauty

Murphy changes her hairstyle to rebel against an appearance clause i..

S4E20 - Come OutCome OutW..

After Miles describes a, according to Frank's opinion, homoerotic dr..

S4E19 - Murphy Buys the F..

Murphy gets everyone to reluctantly join her, for an old fashioned w..

S4E18 - Send in the Clowns

Following her story on the personal spending habits of government of..

S4E17 - Heartfelt

Miles succumbs to stress when he has heart attack symptoms at his 30..

S4E16 - Lovesick

Murphy returns from a trip feeling a little ill, turns out she is ha..

S4E15 - Guess Who's Comin..

When Corky gets an invitation to a Barbara Bush luncheon, Murphy tri..

S4E14 - Anchor Rancor

When the existing Sunday news anchor dies, the competition heats up ..

S4E13 - Love is Blonde

Feeling neglected by her husband, Corky considers moving down the fo..

S4E12 - Be it Ever So Hum..

After being nominated every year, for ten years straight, Frank wins..

S4E11 - Mission Control

Murphy volunteers the FYI staff to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a ho..

S4E10 - Inside Murphy Brown

Murphy has an appointment with a gynecologist for a test she can't d..

S4E9 - The Queen of Soul

Murphy's chance to interview the Queen of Soul is in jeopardy when h..

S4E8 - It Came From College

When Murphy looks after a friend's 18-year-old daughter she begins t..

S4E7 - The Smiths Go to W..

It's Nightline vs. FYI when both shows court a small town family tha..

S4E6 - Full Circle

After learning about her mother's death, Murphy doesn't seem to be t..

S4E5 - The Square Triangle

Murphy gets a competent secretary in Miles' girlfriend, Audrey. The ..

S4E4 - Male Call

Out to prove the new men's movement is a fraud, Murphy attends a men..

S4E3 - I'm As Much of a M..

Gene Kinsella finds out about Murphy's pregnancy and considers the i..

S4E2 - Uh-Oh (3)

Jake tells Murphy he has decided he isn't ready to settle down, and ..

S4E1 - Uh-Oh (2)

Murphy begins to ponder her fate, tells Frank her suspicions and tri..

S3E26 - Uh-Oh (1)

Jake resurfaces with matrimony on his mind, Murphy is caught between..

S3E25 - Q & A on FYI

The FYI staff vies against Yale on a TV quiz show, but at the dress ..

S3E24 - The Usual Suspects

Murphy goes off the deep end when a tabloid prints lies about her, o..

S3E23 - Small

Murphy makes a flip remark that insults short men, especially member..

S3E22 - Corky's Place

Corky gets her own network special, she decides to do it as an inter..

S3E21 - Everytime it Rain..

Suffering from ""3rd year burnout,"" Miles asks for a positive uplif..

S3E20 - Driving Miss Crazy

While the FYI staff car pool together, Murphy works on her will, Fra..

S3E18 & 19 - On Another P..

When their plane gets in trouble: Murphy and Frank's lives flash bef..

S3E17 - Terror on the 17t..

The network is sold to American Industrial, a large corporation, who..

S3E16 - The Novel

Jim's new novel, seems to uncover his affection for Murphy, when the..

S3E15 - Hoarse Play

Ten years ago Murphy was banned from the White House press conferenc..

S3E14 - Contractions

The Wolf network tries to woo Murphy away, something she isn't inter..

S3E13 - Eldin Imitates Life

When Murphy throws a party, Eldin's artistic talent is discovered. T..

S3E12 - Retreat

When tensions arise among the staff, Miles arranges for a corporate ..

S3E11 - Jingle HellJingle..

After Murphy gets the staff to agree to no presents this year, Murph..

S3E10 - Trouble in Sherwo..

On a ""suggestion"" from Murphy, Will and Corky throw a dinner party..

S3E9 - The Bummer of 42

For Murphy's 42nd birthday present, Frank hires an actress to be Mur..

S3E8 - Rootless People

Finished early with her story, Murphy terrorizes the rest of the sta..

S3E7 - The Last Laugh

Jim goes into hiding after losing control on the air, fearing the on..

S3E6 - Bob & Murphy & Ted..

Avery comes to stay with Murphy when she decides it's time to ""chan..

S3E5 - The Gold Rush

Jerry Gold joins FYI where in a new feature he goes ""Nose to Nose""..

S3E4 - Strike Two

The on-air talent goes on strike, so management brings in Miller Red..

S3E3 - Loco Hero

Frank rescues people trapped in a hostage situation, but falls to pi..

S3E2 - Brown and Blue

Murphy wants to interview a controversial comic, but after seeing so..

S3E1 - The 390th Broadcast

With the start of the 13th season, Miles decides it's time to change..

S2E26 - Going to the Chap..

When a ""geek"" from her high school days comes to Washington, Corky..

S2E25 - The Bitch's Back

Miles orders the staff to take a stress reduction class. After reluc..

S2E24 - Fax or Fiction

When a secret admirer sends a fax to Miles, Murphy takes it as a cha..

S2E23 - Frank's Appendect..

A series of outrageous practical jokes, which start with a visit fro..

S2E22 - But First a Word ..

A worried viewer urges advertisers to boycott FYI for an upcoming pi..

S2E21 - On the Road Again

On a publicity jaunt, Murphy and Jim find themselves snowbound in Ka..

S2E20 - Heart of Gold

When Murphy learns things about Jerry Gold that no one else is privy..

S2E19 - Bad Girls

It's February and sweeps month, so Miles gets Murphy and Corky to po..

S2E18 - The Murphy Brown ..

Murphy's journalism mentor from her high school days has retired, to..

S2E17 - Frankly Speaking

Frank meets the woman of his dreams, a woman he dates more than once..

S2E16 - I Want My FYI

Miles asks the staff to be mentors for a group of young reporters wh..

S2E15 - Subpoena Envy

Murphy is subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, but instead of d..

S2E14 - What Are You Doin..

Corky is having a New Year's Eve party, and Murphy wants to avoid it..

S2E13 - Here's to You Mrs..

While Murphy is throwing a birthday party for Gene Kinsella, Miles r..

S2E12 - The Strike

To start a significant dialog, Murphy decides she will break the tec..

S2E11 - Brown Like Me (2)

The sparks and the barbs fly back and forth; however, eventually the..

S2E10 - Brown Like Me (1)

Murphy is set to receive the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, so ..

S2E9 - Roasted

The staff plans a surprise roast for Jim on his 25th anniversary at ..

S2E8 - And the Whiner Is...

Murphy & Frank lose the Humboldt Award to Corky. Then to ride the PR..

S2E7 - Whose Garbage is i..

Jerry Gold bets the staff that they can't be environmentally respons..

S2E6 - Buddies Schmuddies

Frank and Murphy compete for the same story, but their intense compe..

S2E5 - Miles' Big Adventure

While on vacation, Miles' return flight is delayed by an Air Force p..

S2E4 - TV or Not TV

An FYI inspired sitcom sends its star to Washington to research her ..

S2E3 - The Memo that Got ..

A high-school computer hacker stumbles onto a memo by Murphy about h..

S2E2 - Anchors Away

The network sends Jim to Libya for two weeks, so they can audition a..

S2E1 - The Brothers Silve..

When Miles arrives to the office, the whole gang makes fun of his ne..


During an off week at FYI, Murphy & Corky co-anchor the network's mo..


A minor traffic accident, with a sweet elderly couple, results in a ..


Eldin meets Corky for the first time and becomes infatuated with her..


While Murphy is grilling him on the show, a judge dies of a heart at..


An on-camera slip of the tongue, makes Murphy the butt of a cartooni..


Murphy dates a physicist to prove looks aren't everything, but he pr..


Murphy prepares for a joint broadcast with the Soviet news equivalen..


Murphy's overbearing mother comes to visit for an unspecified length..


To get the public to see Frank's piece on the homeless, the FYI team..


Murphy tries to gain entry into Washington's last exclusive club, tr..


Cupid strikes the staff when Murphy reluctantly fixes Frank up on th..


Miles suspends Murphy for her handling of an interview. So she leave..

S1E10 - Kyle

Murphy's story wins freedom for an innocent man; when the rest of th..

S1E9 - I Would Have Dance..

Murphy is perplexed and angry when everyone on the staff is invited ..

S1E8 - And So He Goes

Murphy's long time nemesis asks for her to deliver the eulogy at his..

S1E7 - Set Me Free

Murphy's having a rotten day, complicated by a gunman who interrupts..

S1E6 - Baby Love

Murphy feels maternal pangs after visiting with a pregnant friend. S..

S1E5 - Murphy's Pony

During the Christmas holidays, a mother abandons her children to the..

S1E4 - SignedSealedDelive..

Miles schedules Murphy to interview her radical ex-husband. Murphy &..

S1E3 - Nowhere to Run

Murphy investigates a federal prosecutor who's linked to mob-run pro..

S1E2 - Devil With a Blue ..

Miles assigns Corky to work with Murphy on a big story about a corpo..

S1E1 - Respect

Murphy returns to FYI after ""drying out"" at the Betty Ford clinic...