Into the Badlands


Regent Sunny, a highly-skilled fighter and the deadliest "Head Clipper" for Baron Quinn battles the Nomads to rescue a mysterious boy named M.K. who harbors a dark secret about his past. But when he brings him back to The Fort to train as a "Colt", a Clipper-in-training, things quickly get out of hand with another trainee. When first blood is drawn, M.K. loses control of himself as if something takes over his body, making the boy valuable to an opposing baron, The Widow. Meanwhile, Sunny discovers M.K.'s pendant has the same image as the one on his childhood compass of a place called Azra, the boy's home. In order to seek out the truth about his own past, Sunny wants to know more of this city beyond the Badlands, and must find a way out, especially now that his lover Veil is illegally pregnant with his child.
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S3E8 - Leopard Catches Cl..

Sunny and Bajie arrive at Pilgrim's Fortress, only to face an angry ..

S3E7 - Wild Horse Parts M..

Sunny works with the River King to secure passage to Pilgrim's Fortr..

S3E6 - Black Wind Howls

Sunny and Bajie call in a favor from Bajie's past; The Widow interro..

S3E5 - Carry Tiger to Mou..

Sunny and Bajie seek help from a reclusive former Master; The Widow ..

S3E4 - Blind Cannibal Ass..

Sunny and Bajie face off against a deadly new foe with a dark connec..

S3E3 -Leopard Snares Rabbit

Sunny and Bajie go undercover on The Widow's frontlines, seeking pas..

S3E2 -Moon RisesRaven Seeks

Sunny and Bajie seek help from Lydia. The Widow struggles to control..

S3E1 - Enter the Phoenix

Sunny returns to the Badlands, seeking a cure for his son Henry. The..

S2E10 - Wolf's BreathDrag..

Sunny faces the toughest showdown of his life; Bajie's loyalties are..

S2E9 - Nightingale Sings ..

Sunny relies on an unlikely person for help in defeating a foe; Baji..

S2E8 - Sting of the Scorp..

Sunny plays a game which causes his friends to question his loyalty;..

S2E7 - Black HeartWhite M..

Sunny confronts his inner demons, and his friends try to help; the W..

S2E6 - Leopard Stalks in ..

Sunny and Bajie meet a friend, but must also confront an enemy from ..

S2E5 - Monkey Leaps Throu..

Sunny and Bajie get help from an unlikely source, for a price; the W..

S2E4 - Palm of the Iron Fox

The Widow's fight for power lands her in a showdown with her enemies..

S2E3 - Red SunSilver Moon

Sunny and Bajie meet a dangerous foe who knows Sunny; the Widow prep..

S2E2 - Force of Eagle's C..

Sunny and Bajie struggle to stay alive; the Widow consolidates her p..

S2E1 - Tiger Pushes Mount..

Six months after the Season 1 finale, Sunny finds a new foe, as well..

S1E6 - Hand of Five Pois..

Sunny and M.K. fight to escape Quinn's grip once and for all; the Ba..

S1E5 - Snake Creeps Down

Quinn grows suspicious as Sunny secures his escape from the fort; th..

S1E4 - Two Tigers Subdue ..

Sunny and M.K. try to figure out how to control the boy's power; Qui..

S1E3 - White Stork Spread..

Sunny begins training M.K.; Quinn seeks retribution against The Widow.

S1E2 - Fist Like a Bullet

M.K. finds refuge in an unlikely and dangerous place, while Sunny's ..

S1E1 - The Fort

In the Season 1 premiere, the Badlands' deadliest Clipper, Sunny, re..