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S18E5 - Baked to Perfection

Pastry chefs Mathew Rice and Thiago Silva fire up the ovens for a ch..

S18E4 - Family Matters

It's a family affair when father-and-son chefs Beto and Julian Rodar..

S18E3 - Aged to Perfection

Michael Strahan and Michael Symon have handpicked two chefs hoping t..

S18E2 -Knighted Sir Loin

Sonoma County chef Tracey Shepos Cenami and Jersey-strong John Vital..

S18E1 - Shucking The Comp..

French chefs Laurent Zirotti and Eric Damidot go head to head in the..

S17E13 - Fright Club

There's a thrill of fear in the air when TV personality Jesse Palmer..

S17E12 -Chop of the Morni..

There's expertise in spades when Chopped's Amanda Freitag and Laura ..

S17E10 -Fit to Flay

Chopped's Scott Conant and actress Jane Seymour team up to make Bobb..

S17E9 -Skating By

Las Vegas chef Nicole Brisson rolls the dice against Chef Adam Green..

S17E6 -Winning in My Dreams

Pop singer Debbie Gibson and chef Katie Lee (The Kitchen) team up to..

S17E5 -Fields of Greens

Worlds collide when Irish firecracker chef Maeve Rochford squares of..

S17E4 -Flying Aubergines

Anne Burrell and Jet Tila team up to take down Bobby Flay; they have..

S16E9 - Beauty and the Be..

The arena gets a facelift when New York City's small but mighty chef..

S16E6 -Grill Me

Beach Bites' Katie Lee and actor Mekhi Phifer grill Louisiana's Chef..

S16E5 -Stealing the Spotl..

Legendary Chef Ina Garten brings along Tony Award-winning Laura Bena..

S16E3 -Sticky Situation

The competition sweetens up when pastry chefs Clarice Lam and Avery ..

S16E2 - Worldly Ways

The Kitchen's Sunny Anderson and world-traveler Andrew Zimmern bring..

S16E1 - Red Hot

Life's not always a beach as Katie Lee and Giada De Laurentiis raise..

S15E13 - Getting Crabby

Mark Laubner and chef Brendan Pelley come to town; and Alex Guarnasc..

S15E9 - Surf’s Up

The arena gets some love when Worst Cooks' Anne Burrell and comedien..

S15E8 - Broken Hearts

Love is in the air, but not for Bobby Flay when tough critics Anne B..

S15E7 - Bobby Gets Sacked

Boston burger king Paul Malvone faces off against Twin City chef Jac..

S15E6 - Peeling Away

Bobby Flaybetter bust out his rolling pin! Texas pastry chef Amanda ..

S15E5 -Midwest Swing

Veggie master Daniel Angerer and barbecue guru Mike Johnson have bee..

S15E4 -Clamming Up

Indian spice master Kiran Patnam and creative chef Jonathan Wu bring..

S15E3 - Who Done It?

Lorraine Pascale and Damaris Phillips are in the arena to decide whi..

S14E9 - Cracking a Win

French chef David Baruthio and Charlotte, N.C., hotshot Blake Hartwi..

S14E8 - Holidays Are For ..

Neapolitan chef Simone Falco battles Euro chef Eoghain O'Neill for t..

S14E7 - Rotten Tomatoes f..

Chopped judge Scott Conant and actress Helene Yorke are in the house..

S14E6 - Sea Shells by the..

Style walks into the kitchen when Harlem's very own Marcus Samuelsso..

S14E5 - Turkey's Done

There's a lot to be thankful for when Food Network's Sunny Anderson ..

S14E4 - The Iron Age

Jose Garces takes on the newest Iron Chef, Stephanie Izard; Iron Che..

S14E3 - Ain't That Dandy

Actor Ben Feldman and The Kitchen's Katie Lee are ready for some act..

S14E2 - Take a Bao

Chef Carla Hall and actor David Alan Grier decide who can beat Bobby..

S13E13 - We're All Family..

Sophie Flay loves to mess with her dad, so she enlists the help of A..

S13E12 - Boil and Trouble

Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis and The Chew's Daphne Oz are all ..

S13E11 - Drop the Knife

Standing up to Bobby Flay is no easy feat, unless you're stand-up co..

S13E10 - Number One Baby

Food Network's Scott Conant and Cooking Channel's Laura Vitale are b..

S13E9 - Pulling Out All t..

Actor Steve Schirripa and the toughest judge on Food Network, Simon ..

S13E6 - Familiar Names an..

Ted Allen and Sunny Anderson step into the arena, but this time they..

S13E2 - Fancy vs. Rustic

The claws are out as The Kitchen's Sunny Anderson and Katie Lee try ..

S12E13 - Record Breaking

It's West Coast versus East Coast as Michelin-starred Jarad Gallaghe..

S12E12 - Salty and Sweet

Food Network vet Katie Lee and The Chew's Carla Hall have a sweet su..

S12E11 - Ghosts of Bobby'..

Actress Laura Prepon and The Chew's Daphne Oz team up to get Bobby F..

S12E10 - BBF vs. Chopped

Chop chop Mr. Flay! Food Network's Ted Allen is turning the tables i..

S12E9 - Deja Flay

Beat Bobby Flay winner Anne Burrell is ready to battle once again, b..

Open Grill Season

Top Chef host Gail Simmons and The Kitchen's Sunny Anderson are stri..

S12E5 - Inside Scoop

Actress Helene Yorke and Chopped's Alex Guarnaschelli conspire to be..

S12E4 - Tame the Flame

Chopped judge Scott Conant and actress Busy Phillips have their sigh..

S12E3 - Challah at Your B..

Worst Cook's Anne Burrell and comedian Jay Pharoah aren't all laughs..

S12E2 - Mazel Tov

Larger-than-life Alex Reznik brings his kosher cuisine against Reno,..

S11E8 - Roll With the Pun..

West Coast boys Simon Majumdar and Curtis Stone team up to take down..

S11E7 - You Won't Like Hi..

Austrian chef Daniel Angerer is out to prove that his last win over ..

S11E6 - She Loves Me... Not

In this Valentine's Day challenge, private chef Eric Adjepong goes u..

S11E5 - The Grid Iron Chef

Bobby's chef friends Josh Capon and Alex Guarnaschelli put Bobby's c..

S11E1 – “All At Stake..

Nostalgia is in the air as Chopped judge Amanda Freitag and The Chew..

S10E9 - Thanks but No Tha..

It's Thanksgiving, and the legendary Martha Stewart joins Chopped ju..

S10E8 - Country Boys in t..

Chopped host Ted Allen pairs up with chef Anne Burrell to weigh in o..

S10E7 - Surprise Surpris..

The Windy City's Pat Sheerin and Chinese-American caterer Kat..

S10E4 - Bobby-Bing Bobby-..

Two tough-as-nails Italian chefs are out to make Bobby see red, whit..

S10E3 - Howdy Halloween

Two Texan pastry chefs, Katherine Clapner and Joe The Baker Baker cr..


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S9E10 - Age Is Just a Num..

The Kitchen's Sunny Anderson is teaming up with Grammy award-winner ..

S9E9 - Who's Got This in ..

It's personal for Maine restaurateur Mark Gaier, who's here to redee..


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S8E12 - Fingerlings Cross..

Actress Diane Guerrero helps "The Kitchen" host Geoffrey Zakarian de..

S8E11 - Ring of Fire

Anthony Anderson and Jeff Mauro referee the action as chefs Adrianne..

S8E10 - Star Power

Food Network Star winners Eddie Jackson and Jeff Mauro team up to ta..

S8E6 - Just Act Natural

French caterer Gui Alinat and Dallas caterer Kevin Ashade put it all..

S8E5 - Have Merci!

French caterer Gui Alinat and Dallas caterer Kevin Ashade put it all..

S8E4 - Something Sweet

Sunny Anderson and Bobby Deen try their best to beat Bobby Flay; you..

S8E3 - Time to Get Schooled

Baltimore restaurateur Cindy Wolf and Southern belle Stacie Vande We..

S8E2 - Pie in the Sky

Maria Menounos and Scott Conant bring the glitz, glamour and competi..

S8E1 - Turning the Tables

Three of Bobby's closest friends are playing by his rules in a bid t..

S7E7 - Always Expect the ..

Chopped host Ted Allen and Cooking Channel host Kelsey Nixon decide ..

S7E6 - The Boys Are Back

Sante Fe chef Todd Hall and Phoenix chef Brian Archibald duke it out..

S7E5 - A Feather in Your ..

Sunny Anderson and Alex Guarnaschelli ruffle some feathers; Mohan Is..

S7E4 - Sweet and Spicy

Katie Lee and Damaris Phillips conspire to crush Bobby Flay; New Mex..

S7E3 - Touchdown!

Former football player, Chef Deji Oduwole, and competition junkie, C..

S7E2 - A Cut Above

When chefs John Tesar and Terry Sargent step into the arena, it is c..

S7E1 - Poking and Prodding

Comedian Judy Gold teams up with Katie Lee for the chance to poke fu..


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S6E10 - Roasting on an Op..

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and magician Penn Jillette set their sights ..

S6E9 - HookLine and Sinker

Hotel chef Roy Breiman and restaurant chef Vaughn Crenshaw go head-t..

S6E8 - Let's Talk Turkey

Michael Symon and Geoffrey Zakarian conspire to squash Bobby Flay; E..

S6E7 - She's a Lady

Katie Lee and Alex Guarnaschelli bet that either Spanish-language co..

S6E6 - It's a Family Secret

Experienced New York chef Ric Orlando battles self-taught chef Kiran..

S6E5 - Trick or Sweet

Simon Majumdar and Debi Mazar bring in scarily-gifted chefs Justin B..

S6E4 - Back With a Vengea..

Geoffrey Zakarian and Daphne Oz cheer on returning contestants, Dall..

S6E2 - Settling the Score

Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro are on hand to support returning conte..

S6E1 - Unfinished Business

In the Season 6 premiere, Texan Blythe Beck takes on the Dominican f..

S5E12 - Arrivals and Depa..

Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Iron Chef judge Donatella Arpaia br..

S5E11 - Sticking to Your ..

Chefs Curtis Stone and Sunny Anderson take no prisoners on their que..

S5E10 - The Heat Is On

Chefs Jeanie Roland and Becca Richards battle for their chance to ta..

S5E9 - Do or Die

A Tex-Mex master faces off against a New Jersey chef in a battle to ..

S5E8 - Rise to the Occasion

Things boil over as Chopped's Ted Allen and Cooking Channel host and..

S5E7 - Worst-Case Scenario

The range heats up when fierce New York chefs Amanda Freitag and Ale..

S5E6 - Rollin' Deep

The killer combo of Katie Lee and Geoffrey Zakarian arrive in the ar..

S5E5 - Stars and Stripes

Two chefs first face each other to earn the chance to challenge the ..

S5E4 - Mavericks

Michael Symon and Daphne Oz arrive in the arena; Sylvia Casares batt..

S5E3 - No Formalities

Tre Wilcox battles Sarah Acconcia; Sunny Anderson and Giada De Laure..

S5E2 - Who's Your Daddy?

New Jersey chef Gregory Torrech laces up his bootstraps against Moro..

S5E1 - No Fear

A New England bad boy pits his modern cuisine against the fusion far..

S4E12 - Humble Beginnings

Musician and chef Eugene Jones and up-and-coming chef Christopher Wa..

S4E11 - Homeland

Onions get chopped and garlic gets smashed when Vietnamese-born Thoa..

S4E10 - Any Given Sunday

Chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and Chris Santos have brought their expert t..

S4E9 - Out on a Limb

Breaking News: NBC's Tamron Hall and Chopped's Ted Allen are in the ..

S4E8 - East Coast's F..

Chefs Curtis Stone and Michael Symon team up to rattle Bobby; Antoni..

S4E7 - Best Laid Plans

Southerner Keri Moser faces off against New Englander Clark Frasier ..

S4E6 - No Training Wheels

Self-taught chefs Johnny Zone and Jumoke Jackson battle for the righ..

S4E5 - Raising the Bar

A young chef competes against a Japanese superstar for the chance to..

S4E4 - Culinary Validation

Puerto Rican chef Jose Adorno battles Italian chef Adam Halberg for ..

S4E3 - To Contend and Serve

Naval chef Carla Harris brings her grit against seriously competitiv..

S4E2 - Fire in the Hole!

Brooklyn-born chef Jen Biesty takes on self-taught chef Chris Lamphi..

S4E1 - Foreign Relations

Global chef David deCastro and Japanese-born chef Taichi Kitamura ba..

S3E13 - Fry Me a River

Scott Conant and Geoffrey Zakarian bring in Robert Hesse to battle M..

S3E12 - Defend the House

Chef Alina Eisenhauer flexes her muscle against chef Joe Dobias for ..

S3E11 - Clash of the Culi..

Grill-master Victor Albisu and competition-junkie chef Eddie Tancred..

S3E10 - New Kids on the B..

Chefs Daniela D'Ambrosio and Malcolm Mitchell fight for the right to..

S3E9 - Pot Calling the Ke..

Chefs Herb Wilson and Robin King square off for their chance to take..

S3E8 - Roll the Dice

Chefs John Miele and Evan Hennessey battle for the right to compete ..

S3E7 - Heat in the Street

Fusion chef Damien O’Donnell mixes it up against Mexican-born chef..

S3E6 - Bells Will Be Ring..

Chefs Blythe Beck and Mark Allen battle for the chance to spoil Bobb..

S3E5 - By Land or by Sea

Beach chef Jeremy Hanlon and New York chef Alex Diaz compete to take..

S3E4 - Heat in the Street

Italian chef Giulio Adriani and Texan chef Kristine Kittrell compete..

S3E3 - Bells Will Be Ring..

Master chef Julieta Ballesteros and farm-raised chef Kat Ploszaj com..

S3E2 - Surf and Turf

It's California vs. cowboy cuisine when Raphael Lunetta competes aga..

S3E1 - An International A..

Italian-born Patrick D'Andrea competes against his Canadian compatri..

S2E13 - Orange Is the New..

Geoffrey Zakarian and Jeff Mauro play the tricks, while a culinary i..

S2E12– “Only In New Y..

Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Symon join forces to find a com..

S2E11 – “Sun Up to Sh..

Sunny Anderson and Katie Lee step out of The Kitchen to determine wh..

S2E9 - Battle of Brooklyn

Two of the toughest judges from Iron Chef America, Simon Majumdar an..

S2E7 - Battle of Brooklyn

Chopped’s Ted Allen and Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli bring their d..

S2E6 - Battle of Brooklyn

Forget the ladies who lunch, these ladies are here to launch a culin..

S2E5 - Battle of Brooklyn

Out of the Pan and Into the Fire – The arena is on fire as Jersey..

S2E4 -Battle of Brooklyn

Battle of Brooklyn – In the battle of Brooklyn’s finest, young b..

S2E3 - Bring Home the Bacon

Sunny Anderson and Jet Tila choose between a fusion chef and a culin..

S2E2 - East vs. West

A blue-haired Boston chef competes against a former "Iron Chef Ameri..

S2E1 - They Must Be Giants

In the Season 2 premiere, a crab claw king battles a tattooed butche..

S1E8 - Old School; New Sc..

Experienced chef Andrew Evans battles the up and coming chef Brooke ..

S1E7 - Up in Smoke!

Chefs Kamal Rose and Shannon Bard compete for a chance to Beat Bobby..

S1E6 - EatFlayLove

Catering queen Kimberly Van Kline and Christopher Lee, compete for a..

S1E5 - Beauty and the Feast

Farm girl Rochelle Bilow takes on city boy Paul Denamiel for a chanc..

S1E4 - Fighting Irish

Cancer survivor Steven McHugh goes head-to-head with 6'7 former rock..

S1E3 - Old DogNew Tricks

Alex Guarnaschelli and Anne Burrell determine the chef who has the b..

S1E2 - Farmer and the Belle

A self-declared "chefarmer" from Georgia competes against a Boston c..

S1E1 - Welcome to New York!

In the series opener, chefs Jennifer Nguyen and Anthony Lamas arrive..